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Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3 and 4


Teacher: Mrs Moll / Mr Foyle


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hamill


This Term:

Our topic this term is Empires and Emperors. This is a history topic where children will learn about the growth and decline of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. We will discover the absolute power of the Roman Emperors and study the hierarchies of Roman society and the Roman Army. We will study the first invasions of Britain 55 and 54 BC and the Roman conquest of Britain in AD43. We will learn about Boudicca's rebellion, Hadrian's wall and the Romanisation of Britain, including how Christianity came to Britain. In art we will look at mosaics and try to create our own. We will be reading Terry Deary's Roman Tales - The Goose Guards. 


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If you need to contact us ,message us on SeeSaw or e-mail the school office.