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Our School Day

Time                            Activity


8.40am                        School Opens


8.45am                        Registration - official start of day


8:45am - Morning Activities - 


9:00-9:15 - Act of Collective Worship


9:20-9:40 - Lesson - Phonics/Grammar


9:40-10:30 - Lessons - Phonics and English


10:30-10:45             Playtime


10.45am-12.00pm     Lesson Time (Maths or Literacy)


12.00-12:55pm            Lunch


1:00 Afternoon Registration


1.00pm-3:15pm          Lesson Time


10 minute afternoon activity for all determined by the class teacher


3.15pm                        End of the Day


Reception class collection from 3:10pm during Autumn


Our school day is 6.5 hours with a weekly total of 32.5 hours.