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For parishes where there are Church schools it can be said that the parish has two physical spiritual centres – the church and the Church school. As a Church of England school The Dassett Primary School takes its distinctive Christian ethos very seriously indeed and this ethos is at the root of its work in educating and nurturing our children and preparing them for the future.


Together the church and the school seek to have a positive influence on the local area, and we have shared values of welcoming and respecting every member of our community as a child of God. The church and the School have a very close working relationship and that is something that the church is very keen to ensure continues well into the future. We feel it’s important to offer a fun, relaxed, and engaging experience of Church and Faith to the children of The Dassett.



Collective Worship


In Church of England schools, collective worship helps to build a strength in the school community and to develops learners ’understanding of Anglican traditions and practice.


In church schools the school community gathers daily for an act of Christian collective worship. This may be as a full school or in smaller class groups. We are lucky enough to have church representation, through Sue Taylor, who leads Collective Worship every week, throughout the year. As well as this, the local church helps us by leading school services in church for festivals or special celebrations. When possible we have a children’s communion service at school twice a year which the children enjoy.


The church in Fenny Compton, St Peter and St. Clare, is situated a very short walk from the school and is convenient for a variety of school events. The church is currently used by the school for whole school services at Harvest, Christmas, Easter and the end of the school year which parents and guardians are encouraged to attend and which are always a joy. We also welcome educational visits from classes when the church can be a resource for learning. 


Praying together


The school has strong Christian values that underpin our school ethos to  teach the children about the virtues we wish them to develop. The teaching and reflection times focus on developing our individual capacity to love, respect and empathise with one another. 


Through collective worship, prayer and reflection we think carefully about and celebrate the lives we have and the good fortune that we experience every day.  We reflect on the wonder of our world around us, the wider environment and other living creatures. We spend time thinking about the impact we have on this world and how we can be good citizens and take responsibility for our own actions.



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