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Miss Suzanne Corry is our Headteacher.


Hello and welcome to The Dassett website. My name is Suzanne Corry. I have a daughter who is fourteen and a pet lizard ( we are not entirely sure of her age!) called Millie. I love the beach,  bedtime reading with my daughter and going to the cinema.

I have had the pleasure of being headteacher of The Dasset since January 2019 and I aim to develop the school and myself as head in the future. I believe that The Dassett C of E  is the best primary School, it is a wonderful place to be and the children are fantastic! They skip into school in the morning. The Dassett is a happy, lively place where the teachers develop so many fun, exciting learning opportunities.

My most favourite times of the day are worship time, when we tend to sing and dance - a lot - and lunchtimes - when I get to meet children and sit to eat with them - chatting about their day so far. I also really enjoy popping into classes and seeing how they are learning and what cool activities they are up to - whether it be making bread with chewy sweets and bananas in (not sure about those choices!)  or writing like a World War 1 poet. 

Suzanne Corry