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Bears (Year 3/4)

Teacher - Mr Spencer Foyle

Teaching Assistants - Miss Lucy Hillman, Mrs Joley Malby


Spring Term 2024


Our topic this term is geography-led: Misty Mountain, Winding River.  This starts by looks at the journey of a river from source to mouth, considering the physical features at each stage of its course, the water cycle and flooding; before moving onto the mountain environment – their structure and climatic conditions.  


In turn these study areas form the basis of our literacy work with writing opportunities for across the genres of: diaries, explanation texts, narrative poetry, information leaflets and non-chronological reports.  Our science topic also links through a study of States of matter and Changing State.


In maths, we continue to follow the White Rose curriculum map: multiplication and division; length, perimeter (and area), fractions and decimals.


Art & Design we are studying Contrast and Complement, which looks at colour theory.  In it, we will be looking at the work of the abstract artist Kandinsky, producing our own watercolour paintings inspired by his work.


In DT (Design Technology) we will be participating in a project based on a healthy balanced diet, looking at cooking methods involving preparing a potato and ratatouille dish.


In RE, we will be looking at the beliefs held by Buddhists and what it means to be a Buddhist in today’s Britain, before looking at festivals in religions, with a particular focus on the Christian celebration of Easter.  Year 3-4 will be leading this year’s Church Service.


French lessons continue to develop both the children's spoken and written vocabulary and constructs with topics on food and family and friends.


On Wednesday afternoon's, Mrs Dunn takes the class for music and computing.


Finally, our PE curriculum sees the class partaking in weekly outdoor lessons (hockey, followed by football).



Mr Foyle