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Religious education is taught in accordance with the Warwickshire Agreed Syllabus using modern thinking and following the guidance of the Local Education Authority.

Through a wide exploration of religious beliefs and practices we hope the children will gain a deepening insight into other religions as well as their own.

Our aim is for Christian principles and ethos to be at the heart of every aspect of school life.  Worship centres upon daily assemblies in the school hall usually taken by members of the school staff. The Vicar, other clergy and visitors of appropriate interest also speak to the children on occasions and we maintain very close links and a strong working relationship with our parish church St. Peter and St. Clare.

On a Monday we have a celebration assembly. Pupils share their achievements with each other. We have team points, workers of the week and we share achievements from outside school as well. 

We also have a proactive worship group. Our worship group evaluates assemblies and produces their own worship assemblies for the rest of the school. 

At a few special times each year there is a service in the parish church to which parents are invited.

Children may be withdrawn from daily acts of worship and R.E. lessons if parents request this in writing.