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Year 5/6

Welcome to Year 5/6


Teacher:                          Mrs Hanna and Mr Upton


Teaching Assistant:         Mrs Ashton



This Term:


Goodness me! What a funny start to 2021? 

This term we are going to be embarking on another stretch of remote learning. But, don't worry we are going to be doing just as much work at home as we would be in school. 

We have some great topics to get our teeth stuck into. We are going to learning all about the Tudor - our history topic is called "Off With Her Head!" 
We will be exploring the life of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I. Our class reader will be related to this topic - Treason by Berlie Doherty. 

In our science work we will be learning all about space in our unit called "Star Gazers", learning about our solar system. There are some fascinating things happening in space exploration at the moment, with lots of space agencies sending craft to orbit and land on Mars. Keep your eyes and ears on the news!


Our art and music will center around these two areas (Space and Tudors) throughout the spring term. 

We will also be continuing our French work (learning how to talk about ourselves) and our RE work (we will be learning about peace in religions).

I think we will be doing computing everyday - learning how to best use new technologies, debugging our processes and using the internet safely! A really practical way of learning how we can use all the things we learnt in the Autumn term. 



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