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The BRICK BUS (Bible, Understanding and Storytelling)



Following the construction of a LEGO Last Supper with my nephew, I had the idea of using LEGO to reach out to the children and families in the communities. I obtained funding for the new venture and we now run The Brick BUS LEGO Club - a weekly, 1 hour, after school Lego Club held in the church. The BUS in the name refers to Bible understanding and Storytelling. The club is very popular and children often arrive early and stay late! The layout of the church with movable pews lends itself to such use and has meant that the children and families now feel very comfortable in church - a building they would otherwise never have entered. Children must be accompanied by an adult (this helps with safeguarding, with added advantage of reaching parents, grandparents etc. too). Following refreshments Lego play starts in earnest with the Lego kits on foam mats on the floor. A bible or Christian story is told and the children, working individually or in groups, create the story in LEGO. Children are encouraged to explain their scene - talk about their characters, their feelings and relate to current day experiences or imagined scenarios.

There are over 50 children on the register and on average 12 to 15 attending each week. ‘It’s the best hour of my week! ’said a Mum of 3 children – ‘as the children are fully engaged, not squabbling and... it’s my time.’

Each summer the Lego BUS goes‘ on tour ’visiting 7 out of the 8 communities in Dassett Magna Group using village halls and reading rooms. We have had very successful themed LEGO clubs including LEGO at Christmas, Christingle, Shrove Tuesday (where we all had pancakes!), Easter, Harvest, Remembrance followed by a an active activity service. The scenes made by the children are placed on the altar and children help to lead the service.

Tots and Toddlers

Tots and Toddlers


In September 2019, following a request by the community, the church took over the running of Fenny Compton Tots and Toddlers. Participants of Tots and Toddlers come from a large geographical area. It is financially self sustaining through its weekly subscription and any excess funds are used to replace and update the extensive collection of equipment and toys. We have themed weeks and divide the hall into different types of toys and we have a lovely reading area. Tots and Toddlers was a secular group and we have intentionally not changed that and made it overtly Christian and churchy. All are aware it’s run by the church and I’m there every week, but the stories told, apart from Christmas, have not been bible stories.


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ZOOM services EVERY WEEK (this is a regular rota that will continue post COVID)

9.30am Monday to Friday MORNING PRAYER

6pm Monday to Friday EVENING PRAYER


11am Every week SUNDAY SERVICE

6pm 1st and 3rd Sunday SUNDAY SONGS OF PRAISE


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Meeting ID: 850 686 7729 Passcode: 711190


Sunday Services in church 

9.30am St. Giles GAYDON Every Sunday

10am St. Botolph FARNBOROUGH Every Sunday

11am St. Peter & St. Clare FENNY COMPTON 1st, 3rd and 4th Sunday

11am All Saints’ BURTON DASSETT 1st Sunday from April to October

11am The Capel of Ease, NORTHEND Every Sunday (except 1st Sunday April to Oct.)

6pm St. Botolph FARNBOROUGH 2nd Sunday


All Church Services will be be on ZOOM until May 2021


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We expect to find God in Church and in our private prayer but have you ever wondered where he is the rest of the time? Well, if we open our eyes we can see him on the faces of the people we meet and in everything around us. We don’t need a special building, a special day or a special time to worship or meet with God. We don’t come into the presence of God when we enter a church building and we don’t leave his presence when the service is over. God is everywhere, all the time and we can Meet with God Every Day. I find God in places of worship, on a mountainside, in the faces and actions of other people and even when I'm doing the washing up!


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