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The one and only thing that will last us a lifetime is our body.  If one also acknowledges the connection the mind has to the body and vice-versa, it follows that physical education is key to all round wellbeing.  It is from these assertions that our PE curriculum at The Dassett seeks to engage 

the children’s development.  From fundamental movement skills through to an exposure to range of sports (both friendly and competitive; curricular and extra-curricular), we intend for each child in The Dassett to recognise the importance physical activity has on life-long health and wellbeing. 


Through a range of opportunities and targeted provision, we intend for PE to be fully inclusive.  In doing so, we intend to foster in each child a curiosity about all forms of physical activity in order for them to find one or more forms that resonates with them so that they may pursue it beyond their time here.  Equally though, those displaying a flair or talent for particular activities will be encouraged and challenged as much as possible.   


It is our intention that all children will develop the so-called ‘softer-skills’ PE develops, namely: pursuing individual best performances, channelling and managing emotions, determination, perseverance, teamwork, respect and fair-play.   


Finally, we intend to offer children the skills to keep them safe in and near water through our swimming programme.


We aim to make sport enjoyable and accessible to all children regardless of ability and gender. 




Across both key stages, teachers are upskilled to work alongside high quality external provision to ensure National Curriculum needs and skills progression through each age-phase are fully met.         


Across school our children engage in: gymnastics; dance; cross-country, invasive team games (hockey, netball, football, tag-rugby); striking and fielding games (cricket, rounders, tennis) and athletics.  Other activities the children are exposed to include archery and yoga.  Additional opportunities include: ‘Values Dodgeball’; Indoor Rowing; and programmes such ‘Girl Power’ that sees Girl Mentors from Upper Keys Stage 2 encouraging the uptake of physical activity by girls in Y3/4. 


In addition to lesson and extra curricular physical activity in school, children participate in competitive and non-competitive interschool events and activities.  We actively facilitate opportunities for all children to work with pupils from other school.  In upper Key stage 2 children have the opportunity to attend a residential trip which develops many skills related to PE.