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The netball squad who participated in a tournament in Stratford. They were all fantastic and put so much effort into every game. Thanks also to Mr Foyle who has inspired and given J the opportunity to participate in and enjoy so many different sports. Mrs S  

Cross Country Final

Cross Country Final

Rowing Final

On  a Tuesday morning in February our Year 6 Indoor Rowing Team went to represent South Warwickshire in a county final that was also held in conjunction with Coventry and Solihull schools.  The event took place at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre in Solihull and was tabled for the top eighteen teams (the top six from each respective area) to compete for the accolade of School Games Country Champions.  On the day, sixteen teams were present.

Each child gave 100%, in some cases beating their personal bests from the previous stages.  Overall, our boys team finished 14 out of 16 schools and the girls finished 13th!   Well done. 


Netball Tournament at Warwick Prep

In February, eight members of our netball club (Annie, Evangeline, Lacey, Jonah, Mayana, Arthur, Emily and Megan) represented the school in a netball workshop and tournament hosted and organised by Warwick Preparatory School/Kings High.  The day started with four, fifteen-minute rotational workshops looking at throwing and catching drills, footwork, changing position and movement, and defensive play.  A tournament followed in which all 26 participating state schools from across Warwick, Leamington, Stratford, Kenilworth and S.Warwickshire areas played in a series of games across four mini-leagues.  We convincingly won all our league games without conceding a single goal.  Reaching the semi-final, we beat one of the other league's teams, thereby qualifying for final. (Again, not conceding a single goal.)  Here we met Coten End, a three-form entry primary from Warwick, who very quickly asserted themselves by scoring two goals in quick succession.  Somewhat shell-shocked, we fought back, levelling the score, only to go behind 3-2, before again scoring to draw 3-3 just ahead of the final whistle.  Thereafter, we entered a 'Golden Score' phase in which we thankfully maintained possession and worked the ball forward to Lacey who managed to score the tournament winning shot. Cue: palpable relief and spontaneous jubilation from all team members!   A tremendous result and all credit to their weekly dedication to turn-up for practice in all weathers/temperatures and enjoy their training. 

3-6-3 Speed Stacking Competition

On Wednesday, Mr Sandford visited Y3/4 from Kineton High School and The School Games Partnership for them to partake remotely in an informal '3-6-3 Speed Stacking Competition'.  After some practice sessions, each child was invited up to a table for an official timed attempt, with official scores* ranging from just over 11 seconds up to a minute.  The Word Record incidentally is 1.6 seconds and can viewed on YouTube.  Officially recorded, our fastest three players were 3rd: Dexter (13.4), 2nd: Toto (12.2) and 1st: Isla (11.7).  Note though, every child's score counted and will be converted to calculate a class average prior to being charted against other participating schools.  Overall, a bit of fun, good for motor-coordination and a different sport for the children to have a go at and get involved in.