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The Dassett C of E Primary School

Together we learn, independently we grow.

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Our curriculum gives us the tools to aid our learning.



At The Dassett we …

Revisit familiar skills and knowledge.

We review our learning regularly. We respond to our learning and share our knowledge. Our teachers re-teach us material. 
Explore new ideas with enthusiasm.

Our teachers ask us lots of questions and we ask them. Our teachers explain using lots of examples. We can explain what we have learnt. We do lots of practical work. 
Aspire and achieve our goals.

Our teachers give us clear guidance so that we can succeed. They praise us when we do. They prepare us for independence. 
Challenge ourselves and each other.

Our teachers give us clear instructions and they have high expectations. We learn in manageable chunks so that we are not overloaded. This way we can keep what we have learnt. 
Help each other succeed.

Our teachers give us chance to think aloud. They model many examples for us and let us practice. They give us clear feedback on what we have done well. We explain our understanding to each other, to check our earning. They monitor our independent work.  


Our Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Map 2023