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Seeing the Light! - Two Exciting Developments

Solar Energy

Exciting news! Over the Easter holiday we are delighted to be having solar panels installed onto our flat roof at the rear of the school, in order to save the school money on our future electricity costs, whilst also educating our children about the importance of alternative sources of electricity for the sustained health of our planet. This has been accomplished by much hard work from our governing body and, through different grants, is being installed at nil cost to the school and should bring in additional funds in the future.


Email Updates

Also excitingly we are currently looking at introducing an email facility through the school website which may include email delivery of the newsletter, forms and documents amongst other things.

In order to do this, we, unsurprisingly, need up to date email contacts for you. Please send an email containing Child name/ Year Group from your preferred email address to before 24th April. Thank you.