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PGL Little Canada Weekend

This is now open and on the website in:


All that remains as the dust settles is to say a huge well done to both Year 5 and 6 for representing themselves and the school so well during their time away at PGL. Friendship, teamwork, cooperation, determination, support and fun were all on display and you conducted yourselves admirably (so much so we had comments passed to us by PGL themselves).

Also a huge thank you to the PGL staff for making it such a rewarding experience.


Goodnight and goodbye, thanks for flying @The Dassett airlines - see you in 12 months for the Marle Hall experience.


7.05pm Turning off M40 at Banbury. See you in ten!


6.45pm Passed Oxford.


6.15pm Approaching Newbury. On time and worryingly children still awake! Year 6 parents ONLY please note tomorrow they will be watching animated PG version of The Tempest.


5.35pm We have crossed and are heading home. Making good time and ETA is 7.15pm. We would ask that everyone be as punctual as possible as we have a lot of very tired children on board who will all want to get home and get to sleep. As we near Fenny Compton we will put further updates on here - any significant delays will be texted.


4.20pm Delays at port so have just boarded. Will give new ETA when we have disembarked on mainland.


2.15pm Excellent lunch with pizza (and birthday cake) and then loading bags and ready to depart at 2.45pm to catch the ferry. they are armed with plenty of fruit and water for the journey.


1pm It is now bright and warm and everyone is very happy and excited having had a great morning finishing all their activities. Lunch now and then games till we depart. The children are really, really, really looking forward to seeing you all again and am expecting quite a few to be sleeping on the coach on the way home.

Much sorting of items left in the chalets post packing to do straight after lunch before the games begin.


7am Lots of very bleary eyed children (and staff) and some whole chalets needed waking! All up and about and the great clear up begins. Breakfast at 8am.

Children will do their final two activities this morning before lunch at 1pm and then departing at 3.30pm.

Happy Birthday Mrs Hine.


6.45am It is our final day and all is very quiet. Alarms shortly and a very, very full day begins. ETA home 7.15pm.


Monday 13th


9.30pm Got back to the chalets after the brilliant campfire - songs, actions, memory games and toasted marshmallows (Yummy) - at 9pm. Children are in bed and some are almost asleep already. It has been another busy day and lots of children are feeling quite weary. They are also feeling very proud of themselves and of others who have conquered their fears and overcome their nerves. Children have been praised by PGL staff for their excellent manners and how they have approached each and every challenge in such a positive and enthusiastic manner, always trying to push themselves to the maximum level for them - it is 'challenge by choice' and they have really gone for it!

So ..... the final 'sleep' is underway before we return to you tomorrow - we have 2 more activities to do first in the morning though. Alarms are set for 7am so that we can clear the rooms, pick up any sweet wrappers (there may be a few of those!), strip the sheets off the beds, carry our bulging bags back up the hill to the Activity Zone all before breakfast - wish us luck!


7pm WOW! Dragon Boat was amazing and Cookies Crew beat the Meatballs in a fierce competition up the creek and into a headwind. What a great event and really good team building. We're back and packed.......ish and have had a fabulous dinner of roast turkey, sweet and sour pork and macaroni cheese with Arctic Roll! Yum.

The sun is shining brightly, as are the children, and there are lots of  young people really looking forward to seeing their parents again.

We are just going for circle time to share our experiences and then to the campfire (with marshmallows).


4.40pm Just finished first activities - Lots of bullseyes in archery, some hugely muddy children, Ryan solving a very tricky part of The Matrix (shhh) and now for the dragon boats. The wind is whipping up as the 2 teams of 24 are sorted out - and it's not the only thing - all very US marine style  'Are you ready? ' We were born ready!'and they're off.


1pm Great morning and now back for a well earned lunch and then a trip to the camp shop. Stopped raining and sun breaking through. Dragon Boating this afternoon and then the campfire this evening.

Will also be packing this evening which is always an interesting experience!


11am Starting to warm up nicely and sun trying to break through. Everyone having a great time. Also doing The GIANT Swing today.

Forgot to mention the enjoyment at hearing The Who playing last night and looking forward to Queen tonight. Kind of PGL to lay on such quality camp entertainment.


8am We have a new dimension to the day.....Rain. But I'm sure it isn't going to dampen spirits.

The 6am alarm call wasn't quite so effective this morning, not so many eager chit chatting children, with lots of tired eyes and some needing some extra encouragement to wake up! The rooms, it has to be said, also weren't quite as good as yesterday. In breakfast as we write with a jolly big fried breakfast on offer amongst all the usual items. Appetites are increasing by the day.

A real mix of things this morning with archery, abseiling, Jacobs ladder, climbing and shhh The Matrix.

Everyone will be dragon boating this afternoon and there is much excitement at the thought of that.


7am Looking forward to room inspections this morning!


Sunday 12th


10.30pm  It has been a busy day and there were lots of tired children tonight. They are all asleep and have thoroughly enjoyed their day. Many feel proud of themselves for achieving or exceeding targets they had set and they have all been very supportive of each other during their activities. The chalets do not look quite as impressive as they did this morning - lots of wet and muddy clothes are hanging on the balcony outside the chalets - and so there is a bit of tidying to be done in the morning before breakfast , The children have already checked the schedule to see what new adventures lie ahead tomorrow and it promises to be another amazing day.


7.20pm After the afternoon changeover Mrs Hine's group did the Jacobs Ladder and Mrs Harris's group did, but don't mention it, The Matrix. Everyone got back at 5pm and had much needed showers!

Dinner was at 6pm and was lovely with beef lasagne, chicken and vegetable curry on the menu and some very nutritious chocolate donuts for dessert.

They are all doing a great orienteering quiz 'Passport to the World' and when they have finished there will be some free time. Some of the children will be joining Mrs Harris who has somewhat surprisingly organised watching a football match that is apparently taking place this evening.

Lights out will be at 10pm.


4.20pm Mrs Harris's group have reached for the stars on the climbing wall. Henry scored a bullseye on the archery in Mrs Hine's group and the other 2 groups are still out at the beach, kayaking on the Solent.


2.15pm Lovely lunch with hot and cold baguettes - all very delicious. Just started the afternoon activities with Mrs Harris's group on the sensory trail and climbing, Mrs Hine's group doing Archery (a few budding Robins of Sherwood) and Jacobs Ladder and everyone else all at sea with kayaking. This mornings group all managed to flip themselves in accidentally on purpose and I imagine it will be more of the same this afternoon.


12.30pm Just back from the morning activities and what a great morning. The kayakers were out to sea in Freshwater Bay and showing real skill - everyone somehow managing to get wet somehow! The climbers have really challenged themselves and the Matrix - shhh can't say anything.

It has been a really great start and everyone has now gone off to a really well deserved and much needed lunch before starting the afternoon activities.

Please note the school mobile is not getting reception so in the event of an emergency please contact us through the PGL Little Canada reception.


7.30am We had a good night's sleep and the alarms started going off at 6am and the chatting began! Children were allowed out of their chalets at 7am and they are all really keen to get going and also very keen to get into breakfast at 8am. All are in good spirits. Room inspections have been done, and Mrs Hine was very impressed by the tidiness of the rooms. It is raining a bit  but that won't stop us - kayaking, climbing and The Matrix - here we come!


Saturday 11th


10.30pm Bedtime at 9.30 and lights went out at 10 - it is quiet now and so hoping all will get a good night's sleep ready for the wake up call at 7am. Breakfast is at 8am and, judging by this evening's mealtime, I think they will all eat a hearty one! Looking forward to the events of tomorrow - Kayak, Climbing and The Matrix. Can't wait! It has been a great day 1.


8.00pm Playing 'Capture the Flag' and having great fun - this should wear the children out so that they sleep really well! 


6.45pm Everyone has eaten very well - fish, beef, tomato pasta, chips, rice and are now enjoying some free time to explore before Capture the Flag at 7.30.


5.15pm Played games all afternoon and now unpacking in their chalets. Dinner is at 6pm and THEN tonight's activity is Capture the Flag!!! I wonder what they have to do?


3.30pm A huge cheer went up as we drove onto the island and we are now just driving down to PGL (5 minutes away). It is sunny and very warm and the children are really looking forward to getting settled into their rooms and finding out what awaits them!


2.30pm On ferry.


2.15pm At port but delays (something to do with The Who, Queen et al) so children all waiting 'patiently!'


12.40pm Everyone is very happy as we sit in the sunshine on the beach in Southsea, having our lunches prior to heading to the ferry for a 2pm sailing.


11.15am On the Road Again


10.42am Comfort Break Chieveley Services.


9.33am And we're off. So much excitement and chatter. A very excited coach load of children who have opened and are already eating their way through the sweets for the journey. Plan to make one comfort stop and then on to Portsmouth.


Ready for the off!


Friday 10th


Only 24 hours till the grand depart. PGL Friday 10th - Monday 13th June. The excitement builds.


Thursday 9th:


This page will feature updates throughout the Little Canada weekend - we will also tweet - FOLLOW US @TheDassett and use the school text service to keep you as updated as we can.