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Maths Challenge - October



Lucy had a ride at the fair.

Her Mum asked Lucy to pay less than 20p towards it.

Lucy paid exactly three coins towards the ride.

There are 5 amounts Lucy could not have paid her Mum?

What are they?


Lower KS2

Dawn, Mark, Josh and Tina are friends. They each have a nick-name.

Their nick-names are Spider, Curly, Ace and Fudgy, but not in that order.

What is the nick-name of each of the friends?


Josh plays tennis with Curly and goes swimming with Ace.

Tina has been on holiday with Curly but travels to school with Fudgy.

Spider, Curly and Dawn play in the football team.

Spider sometimes goes to tea with Josh.


Upper KS2

Slick Jim won the lottery. He spent two thirds of his

winnings on a very posh house. He spent two thirds of what he

had left on a luxury yacht. Then he spent two thirds of what

he had left on a hot air balloon. He spent his last £20000 on a

flashy car.

How much did Slick Jim win on the lottery?


Entries into maths box in hall by the end of the month please.