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If a Job's Worth Doing....

…it’s worth doing properly!  Presentation of work in books has been a focus over the past year and has produced excellent results so far but we are really making an effort to improve this even further. You will find in children’s home learning book some setting out guidelines for written work, so that you can help us by reinforcing our expectations for presentation of work by all pupils. We have been teaching our younger children how to use a ruler to underline carefully and we are encouraging children who know how to join their letters to do so. If we feel that pupils have not taken care with their work, or have not followed advice on how to improve their work, they may be asked to stay in at lunchtime to make the improvements and make it ‘the best it can be’. The pupils have really gone for it this week – many are realising the benefits and sense of pride they feel when they have made maximum effort. Keep up the good work.