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Home Learning Project

Each year we have a short period where our Literacy home learning is project based and this will be starting after half term. We are letting you know before half term in case you are planning to visit somewhere that children may want their project to be about. As last year, children can choose the subject of their project – something they are interested in, somewhere they have visited, someone they find interesting, something form their topics at school – and present it to us in a style of their choice. In Year 1 and Year 2 this will predominantly be using images/models but we would expect there to be some writing (anything from sentences in Year 1, to a side of A4 in Year 2). In Key Stage 2 the work may be presented using models, ICT presentations, posters of information with images and writing. We do expect the quantity and quality of writing to be consistent with the equivalent amount of literacy homework (e.g. equivalent to 2 sides of A4 in Year 3 and 4, or 3 / 4 sides of A4 in Year 5 and 6). We have had some amazing work created over the years and always look forward to seeing the creativity these projects inspire. At the end of the project work, each child does a short verbal presentation to their class. We can’t wait to hear about and display the amazing work we know this will produce.