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Year 2 Pop Up Space Museum

An amazing experience was had by Year 2 over three days of visits from the Museum on the Move and much subsequent hard work putting together the exhibits and then constructing their space museum.

It was brilliantly put together and hugely informative, displaying a fabulous array of both knowledge and skills.

Some of the many comments left by visitors to the museum said:

'Well presented and prepared museum. Pupils all helped on our tour around museum.'

'An excellent learning tour for pupils and mums, dads and grandparents. Well done all.'


'Wonderful work. The children enjoyed telling me about their work.'

'What and amazing opportunity the children have been involved in! We loved looking at the different examples of how the children have learnt about space. Amazing!'

'Very good. Learned lots of new things and got lots of different things to try and have a go at.'

'What a fantastic museum! I loved looking around the exhibits and hearing how enthusiastically the children explained them to me.'

'What a lot of hard work, well done! Such interesting facts, great models and lovely games'.

'Fantastic to see the work everyone has done over the past few weeks and the children's enthusiasm for their topic'.

'I think the children and teachers have worked extremely hard. I would love to be invited to something like this again! seeing what they do shows us so much more than what they tell us they do! Well done Year 2!'


Pictures can be found at:

Our thanks go to the amazing Museum on the Move and their dedicated and inspirational team - Warwickshire's and Worcestershire's award winning Mobile Museum and, of course, Tim Peake for inspiration!