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Year 1 Phonics Screening Test w/c 18th June

Phonics Screening Tests will be taking place for every child in Year 1 week commencing Monday 18th June. This is a National scheme which has been piloted over the past two years and is happening throughout the country during that week. The aim is to check that every child will be on target to read by the end of Year 2 and to ensure that every school has a clear idea of what each child requires to achieve that goal. This is not a reading test but an assessment of phonics knowledge and children will be asked to do activities similar to those carried out in every day phonics teaching. They will be asked to sound out a real word and blend the sounds together e.g. c-a-t    cat, and also read nonsense words. Each check will take approximately 10 minutes. There is guidance for this check at the link below and we have included a pdf of the official sample materials from the Department of Education that we would encourage you to read and practise with your child prior to the 18th.