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The Hand of Friendship

Year 3 and 4 are going on a field trip to Benson School in Birmingham soon as a part of their current project on cities, and we thought it would be a good opportunity to bring you up to date with some of our inter-school relationships.
Aside from the very strong links we have locally with Kineton High School and other primary schools within our cluster, we have established very strong links with two schools via our pen pal initiative, Waihi Beach School in New Zealand and a little closer to home, Benson Community School in Birmingham. We are also currently endeavouring to create further international relationships for pen pals for Years 1 and 2 and we have already made approaches to a couple of schools with this in mind.
Waihi Beach are the pen pals of Year 3 and Benson are the pen pals of Year 4 and 5 and this has presented a fabulous opportunity for reciprocal visits over the past year for the children to experience the tremendous differences between countryside and inner city living. Unfortunately Waihi Beach may be a little far to experience their surf school but they do have a very different perspective which is fascinating for the children to get exposure to.
Do ask your children about their pen pals and do look for their letters in the work books.