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The Dassett MidSummer Party

Our fabulous MidSummer Party gets under way at 6pm this coming Friday (20th) with the launching of The Great Dassett Balloon Race at 7pm to start the disco, so don't be late - pre selling balloons throughout this week. If anyone would like to participate in this but are not able to come to the event, please bring in £1.50 in an envelope, stating your name and class and BALLOON RACE on the front.  

The balloons will also be available between 6 pm and 7 pm on the night, and will be launched at 7, when the disco will then start!

The school will then be contacted by email and told where the balloons have been found. Whichever balloon has been found the farthest away will be the winner. This will be announced at the end of term!

Come and eat, drink and dance the night away. There are games galore, bar, all weather BBQ, disco, tuck shop etc.etc. Come and join the fun. It is also a dress down day for a £1. Our massive thanks go, as ever, to The Friends.