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Sports Day Photos

What an afternoon! The sun shone and the crowds came. It was hot and the children raced down the track in the sprint finals. The round robin of events was very popular and children aimed, jumped, balanced and raced using a variety of equipment including quoits and beanbags. There was a lot of fun and laughter and everyone was very supportive of each other in true Dassett style. The overall winning house of the day was Neptune but every house had enormous numbers of house points as a result of the afternoon. Thank you to everyone for joining us, to Mrs Brice and the Year 6 pupils for their organisation and the Friends for their very welcome ice creams and ice pops.


And the winners were:


Reception: 1st Harvey        2nd Lucas       3rd Eddy

Year 1:        1st Lorna          2nd Emily        3rd James B

Year 2:        1st Ned             2nd William    3rd Thomas D

Year 3:        1st Charlie W    2nd Gracie     3rd Phoebe

Year 4:        1st Sam W         2nd Chap       3rd Ryan

Year 5:        1st Louis            2nd Charlie    3rd Charlotte

Year 6:        1st Ellie              2nd Amy         3rd Edward


House Points:


Neptune 1210     Saturn 1076     Mercury 886     Jupiter  881

These points have been added to the House Point Totals.


Over 850 or so photos are available on the link below. We have some generic ones of the day and the rest are split into the 9 events of the day - Beanbags, Bucket Ball, Egg and Spoon, Javelin, Long Jump, Penalty Shootout, Quoits, Skipping and Sprints. Don't forget that you can view these full screen by clicking the button and copies are available for a small donation to the school by emailing Mrs. Hine.