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Science Day

On Thursday pupils became curious chemists, brilliant biologists and phenomenal physicists as we were surrounded by science for our inaugural Science Day. The day began with an assembly about the profession of a Physiotherapist from one of our parents and then Year 5 pupils learned even more about the structure of our brains and the parts which control different actions and abilities. Fascinating stuff! Pupils in Year 6 were introduced to the physics of industry by Mr Straw. They harked back to the Victorian era of steam as they saw how hot air creates renewable energy to power a Stirling Engine.  They measured the power produced and, using their mathematical skills, predicted output using different energy sources. Year 4 pupils were investigating acids and alkalis, using cabbage as an indicator with Dr Alana Collis, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) ambassador. Some of the visitors in Year 3 were not even human! Stick Insects and Locusts created lots of discussion and close observation about the structure of insects led by Dr Leslie – there was even the opportunity to see a locust being dissected and observe the locust from the inside! It was not only amazing to see our pupils engaged in this activity but also impressive to hear the level of questioning it promoted.
Reception, Year 1 and 2 pupils covered the entire spectrum of science with observations of plant life for the biological sciences, designing and testing the strength of bridges for the physical sciences and exploring changes of state and waterproofing in the chemical sciences. Children used their magnifying glasses to makes detailed observations and recordings about bark, seeds, leaves and plants they had found on the school grounds and the writing was very impressive. They were challenged to bridge a gap using paper, having looked at a selection of different style of bridges, and then used Lego bricks to test the strength of their bridge and they also conducted experiments into ice melting and which material is best for waterproofing. Great fun and so interesting!
In the afternoon we were joined by students and staff from the Science department at Southam College who worked with Year 3 and 5 on exploring acids and alkalis and Year 6 were treated to an explosive, colourful and bubbling presentation of what chemistry can do by Nick Barker from Warwick University’s Chemistry Department.
It was not only amazing to see our pupils fully engaged in each of these activities, developing their scientific knowledge, processes and skills  but also highly impressive to hear the level of discussion and questioning it promoted from all age ranges from 4 to 11 year olds. The school was positively buzzing for the whole day – a massive thank you to all our wonderful visitors and also to the staff, and particularly Mrs Moll, for organising such a great day.