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Proper Presentation

We have spent some time focussing on the importance of taking care and making an effort with presentation and handwriting within our work and feeling a real sense of pride over what we do. As you already know in Year 5 and 6 pupils earn the right to have a Pen Licence when they consistently present their work neatly and with well-formed and joined writing over a period of time.
We are now going to extend this to Year 4 pupils as well.
Year 1, 2 and 3 pupils will have the opportunity to be presented with a certificate in assembly and earn the right to use a special embossed pencil if they do the same, with the distinct possibility of Year 3 pupils then moving to a Pen Licence. On occasions where it is felt that effort has not been made, silly errors have been made and work presented is not of a child’s highest standard, the child will be asked to re-write the piece of work with the option of doing it at home or during the next lunch break. They will still be allowed to have some time to get some fresh air as well.
We truly believe that it is important to always do our very best and that ‘Better Never Stops’ and I know that the children will rise to this challenge.