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PGL Residential - Day 2

This morning saw us all walking down to the beach in our wetsuits ready to canoe and kayak. There was quite a strong breeze so it was quite tricky, but some of the children were particularly good whilst others were quite happy to let the breeze blow them along! Everybody managed to get wet of course! After a late lunch we visited the shop quickly before the afternoon's events. This afternoon's activities have included abseiling, The Matrix (but we can't say anymore as we have been sworn to secrecy!!!), sensory trail (which was hilarious and quite muddy) and fencing.
The children are being really excellent in everything they do - cheering each otherĀ and encouraging everyone. We have had a delicious dinner and it is free time now - some children are playing, some are chatting, some are showering and some are still playing sport!!
This evening's entertainment is 'Wacky Races', which starts at 1930. Bed will be at 2130 again with lights out at 2200,and I suspect that, what with the fabulously warm weather and the energetic activities we have been doing, along with all the fresh sea air we are getting, there will be lots of people falling asleep as soon as their head hits their pillow! Here's hoping!
More tomorrow....