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PGL Residential - Day 1

We had a great journey to Portsmouth with lunch in the sun at Southsea, overlooking the Solent. Upon arrival at PGL the children went with some PGL instructors for a tour and then unpacked. Dinner was at 1735 and all ate well, despite several sweets having been consumed earlier in the day. We returned to the chalets and then had half an hour free time, after which chalet inspections took place. Many points earned for tidy and well organised chalets - a good start! Let's hope it continues! The evening activity is Passport to the World - rather like orienteering around the site, finding countries and clues. The children are loving it, each and every one is happy and there has been the sound of laughter all day long. We will be having a calm down session before bedtime at 2130 and then lights out at 2200. What time we actually get to sleep remains to be seen! More news tomorrow..... breakfast is at 0735 so an early start!