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A few children have been bringing in cereal bars or alternative snacks for playtime. Snacks are provided in Key Stage 1 and in Key stage 2 should be a healthy snack of fruit, raw vegetables or bags of dried fruit, fruit stars, winders etc.

Please do not send in cereal bars which contain nuts. This is very important as we have some children with severe, life-threatening, allergies to nuts and many cereal bars contain nuts.

These allergies do not need the children to actively eat the nut. Most people with nut allergy react after contact with small amounts (less than one nut) and some people may react to trace amounts. This means that you don't always have to eat nuts to have a reaction. A few people are so sensitive to nut allergens that a tiny amount on their lips, or even standing next to someone eating peanuts, can be enough to start a reaction.

We cannot take this risk so we must have a No Nut policy to keep these children safe.