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New Maths Schemes

We have introduced two new schemes for helping the children with their maths development,

Awesome Additions and Cracking Times Tables.

We will be starting both of these new and exciting’ Cracking Times Tables’ and ‘Awesome Additions’ schemes after half term. Reception and Year 1 pupils will be working through their ‘Awesome Additions’ whilst Year 2 to Year 6 pupils will be busy ‘Cracking’ their Times Tables. Each week children will spend 3 minutes working on a test of different levels of basic skills and they will receive a certificate each time they complete it with 100% success. They will work towards becoming an ‘Awesome Adder’ or a ‘Member of the Grand Order of the Master Multiplier.’

Both of these highly motivating schemes will help children to embed their basic number facts, which will then be essential for applying to other areas of mathematics such as fractions, money and problem solving.

Both of the Parent Leaflets have been sent home. ‘Awesome Additions’ to the Parents of children in Reception and Year 1 and ‘Cracking Times Tables’ to Year 2-6. The plan is that children will continue with the ‘Awesome Additions’ scheme until the end of Year 2 when they will start ‘Cracking Times Tables’. However, we know that some children will complete the scheme earlier and some will take slightly longer and we will make appropriate adjustments for those pupils who need them.

The children’s record in the green book will be ticked as they progress through their times tables or additions. Please help your child by practising the appropriate number facts at home for the level that they are on.