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Maths Challenge - October

The winners from last month’s challenge were Henry Y3, Emma Y6 and Dexter Y2. Well done all of you.


The Challenges for the forthcoming month are below:


Year 1 and 2

There are 4 bowling pins numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. Find 2 different ways to knock the pins down to:

a. score exactly 5?

b. score exactly 6?

c. score exactly 7?


Year 3 and 4

Kieron has three cats. Each is a different weight.

The first and second weigh 7kg altogether.

The second and third weigh 8 kg altogether.

The first and third weigh 11 kg altogether.

What is the weight of each cat?


Year 5 and 6

Lisa went on holiday. In 5 days she made 80 sandcastles. Each day she made 4 fewer castles than the day before.

How many castles did she make each day?

Lisa went on making 4 fewer castles each day after the five days. How many castles did she make altogether?