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Maths Challenge - January

Key Stage 1

There are 25 people on a train. At the station 12 people get off and 16 get on. How many people are on the train now?
Lower Key Stage 2

Year 4 are given a sunflower that is 97cm tall. They measure it later in the term, and it has grown 95cm. How many metres tall is the sunflower now?
At the end of the year, the sunflower has grown by half as much again. What is the sunflower’s height at the end of the year?
Upper Key Stage 2

You have a matchstick.
How many more are needed to make a square?
How many more need adding to make yet another square alongside it?
Work out a pattern for the number of matches needed.
How many matches would there be when you have made 10 squares in the row? Or 20 or 50 squares?