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Maths Challenge February


Vijay has 3 T-shirts – 1 is red, 1 is blue and 1 is yellow. He has 2 pairs of shorts – red and blue. How many different combinations of shorts and T-shirt are there?

Lower KS2

Think of 7 different flavours of ice cream? If you buy a double scoop with 2 different flavours, how many different combinations could you choose?

Upper KS2

There are 7 lily pads. 3 frogs live on the right and 3 on the left with one empty in the middle. The left hand frogs want to swap places with the right hand frogs but can only jump to empty lily pads and can only jump over one other frog at a time. Frogs don’t know how to jump backwards! How many jumps are needed for them all to swap places?