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Marle Hall Updates

We're home 2.15.
A massive well done to all the children - enjoy your weekend and have a well deserved rest.

1.50 We are South of Birmingham, have left the M42 and are on the M40. Weather and traffic dependent we should be at The Dassett by 2.15.

12.25 We have left Knutsford.

11.40 Stopped for lunch in the rain at Knutsford services.

10.20 Coach has now departed Marle Hall and is on its way back home.

7.30 The bags are packed and being brought to the entrance hall, beds are stripped and the dorms are being made pristine.
It was so hard to wake everyone this morning – but a great nights’ sleep was had by all. Breakfast from 8.00 and afterwards our farewells to Marle Hall and the team.

We have had an amazing week and the children are so excited about seeing you all again but be prepared for wall to wall talk about their adventures coupled with a rather extended catch up sleep.

Marle Hall have looked after us so well, the facilities were amazing, we have eaten like kings, the opportunities for adventure and experience were outstanding and the Marle Hall team could not do enough for us. It has been an absolutely wonderful week.
The team have commented on how well behaved The Dassett children are and on how well they have done this week – we should all feel very proud of them.

Our planned departure time is still 10.00.


7.15 Well what a day that was! We got back to Marle Hall just after 5.00 from an incredible days adventures in the mountains. The storm clouds were rolling in all day with driving rain which still persists even now.

On arrival back we had to clean all the kit and return everything to normal and hand it all back in. The children then packed their bags ready for the morning departure. The tuck shop was open in the small amount of free time left and then it was dinner 6 – 6.45 with home-made pizza, chicken kebabs and home-made syrup sponge pudding. Yet another absolutely delicious meal to go with all the others throughout the week – really first class catering.

The last evening activities are now on-going in the rain and will finish at 8.00 with a final tuck shop and free time/ diary moment before bed at 9.00 with 9.15 lights out. An awful lot of incredibly tired children now but all bursting with pride at their achievements this week and excitement at their return home tomorrow.

Normal alarm time in the morning with final packing and room inspection after breakfast and anticipated departure at 10.00.

Updates on the coach progress will be available here throughout the journey.

1.45 We are still on the mountains – some of us have been up to Cym Idwal and the rest have been Bouldering and Weaseling (don't ask), and Gorge Walking amongst many other things. We have stopped for lunch very much in the wilds and it is very misty and raining, however, it is fabulous fun and everyone is having a wonderful time. The weather doesn’t seem to get in the way out here. We should be back to the hall by around 5.00.
8.00 We finally have awake children if a little jaded. Breakfast is happening now and then morning adventures start at 9.00. The plan is to be away from the centre all day up in the mountains. We will update the latest news as and when we can.

7.15 There are a lot of aching bodies this morning and that's just the teachers. The children are still sleeping soundly - not a peep! We will have to go and wake them shortly.


9.00 Bedtime has arrived at the end of an incredibly busy day. We have lots of increasingly tired young people, in spite of a few protestations to the contrary and a few already asleep. No doubt a good night sleep will be had by all ahead of what promises to be another action packed day. Without exception, the behaviour has been exemplary, the spirit unstoppable, the teamwork something to behold and they have all learnt a host of new skills and achieved many goals. Well done to them all.
Their alarm call is 7.00 - 7.15 in the morning.

5.00 Blimey!
Three of the four groups have been off site all day - up mountains, on lakes and down the valleys and we have just got back now. An amazing day was had by all with no rain despite the forecast, although a few got more than a little damp when canoeing!

Its quick snack time now with some well-earned free time till 6.00 when it is dinner.

The day had canoeing on a mountain lake with some inventive catamaraning to boot. Some very serious rock climbing, gorge walking, high ropes and mountain walking were all on the agenda today. We put up shelters in the woods, learnt how to make fire just using sticks (no matches) and then cooked up a toast and marshmallow feast in Bush craft. It has been so very busy and we are back out again at 7.00 for the evening adventures!
It might well be an even earlier bed time and lights out tonight – for the adults as much as the children! - we will update a little more before bedtime.

1.30 It really is non-stop. Lunch out in the wilds today and a bushwhacking afternoon planned. Updates properly when we return to Marle Hall! At 5ish.

7.15 A little bit of a struggle waking up for some this morning and a lot of tired eyes moving around but everyone in good spirits. Breakfast is at 8.00 and activities start at 9.00. A mist is rolling in across the hills and the forecast is cloudy with some rain this afternoon.


9.00 PJs are on and teeth are being brushed - bed time has arrived and lights out is in half an hour. I strongly suspect that many of the children will be sound asleep before lights out and they will all sleep very soundly after our incredibly busy day out in the fresh Welsh air. More news tomorrow.

7.50 The evening activities are just finishing now and we will be returning indoors where the tuck shop will open briefly. Mrs Harris has kindly volunteered to watch the Man Utd. game with some of the boys but it is bed at 9.00 and lights out at 9.30.

But what a day! All the children have been amazing – challenging themselves and supporting others. We have had an incredibly fun packed and enjoyable day in the sun and there are a lot of very happy and very tired children right now. They should be really proud of themselves as they have conducted themselves superbly throughout the day.

6.55 We had a scrummy dinner (including Banoffi Pie) and got straight on with the evening.

5.05 We are now all back from some highly entertaining afternoon activities and all the children have just had a well-earned snack. The tuck shop is open and room inspections are just about to take place!
It is free time for everyone at the moment until dinner at six and then the evening activities commence from 7pm.

1.35 We have finished the first activity of the day and have come back for lunch and then going straight onto the second activity. There are a lot of very smiley faces among the children after an incredible morning. Whether they could accomplish the tasks first time or not there was so much perseverance and determination shown by everyone and such a huge amount of fun was had.
Hard to believe the day isn’t even half way done yet!
And the sun is still shining brightly.

9.00 Morning activities commence

8.00 Breakfast

7.45 Morning duties including setting the tables and weather reporting. The weather is looking gorgeous - the sun already breaking through and warm, sunny, cloudless conditions forecast.

6.30 - 7.00 Everyone slept very well and are all waking refreshed after a very full day and evening.


8.30 Supper has now been devoured and children are tucked up in their dormitories writing up their diaries with lights out at 9.30, although judging by the tired eyes there may be a few earlier participants. Hopefully sleep will follow quickly for the remainder. It has been an action packed start to what promises to be a fun filled week. Next update in the morning.

8.15 The evening activities are now completed and everyone has had an absolutely fabulous time. With the low ropes, the Juggernaut problem solver, night line and skiing/ spiders web, the children have been working in groups, overcoming obstacles and pitting their wits against all sorts of challenges.

5.45 Everyone is back safely and had a great time. Finishing unpacking prior to dinner at 6pm. Evening activities start at 7pm.

4.00 Everyone has received their kit and equipment and have been given their rooms and got settled in. They are all out on the Marle Hall Woodland Adventure now.

1.55 Arrived at Marle Hall

12.20 Stopped for lunch in the sunshine at Knutsford services

9.30 And we're off


The weeks activity schedule is attached below.