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Marle Hall Updates

2.15pm We are home. A massive well done to all the children for their efforts and behavior this week and a huge thank you to everyone at Marle Hall for making it so enjoyable and to all our fabulous staff for giving up their time away from their families and making the week possible. See you at PGL next year.


1.55pm Just past Warwick Services.


1.45pm On M40 and making great time. 20-25 minutes to school.


1.10pm We have just left the services and are on our way home. ETA 2.10pm.


12.30pm We have made incredible time and have stopped for lunch etc. at the Norton Canes Services on the M6 toll road. Traffic dependent when we depart we are only 1 hour or so from school. This message will be texted and the text service will now take over although further messages will be posted here as well. Thank you all for keeping in touch (over 1300 page views!) and see you soon.


10.30am Everything packed away and sorted. We saw the eclipse much to the excitement of everyone and what a spectacular treat. The staff and kitchen staff said what a pleasure it was to have The Dassett children here and we could go back every week (but I don't think the staff could cope) and we have left! We departed at 10am and are on our way home. We will stop for lunch/comfort break as needed and will update that here and then will notify you of our eta via text. See you soon.


7.30am Bags are packed, beds are stripped and children are ready for their breakfast. Emily was greeted with a rousing 'Happy Birthday to you' at 6.45am - lucky her!

It is a bit cloudy here and so we are keeping our fingers crossed for the eclipse. Planned departure is 10-10.30am so anticipated arrival would be 2.30pm. The children are really looking forward to seeing you.


6.30am Homeward Bound but a few more moments of excitement to come first (including a birthday!) and fingers crossed for an eclipse. The text service will operate only when we are en route and will notify you of our eta.


Friday 20th


10pm Dinner was delicious and a hearty 3 cheers for the catering team was given. Following our final evening activities the children had to start the task of packing everything except what they need tomorrow -  it could have been very interesting but actually we were quite impressed. Bedtime was at 8.30pm this evening and it is all quiet as I write this. Shattered does not come close! Last blog in the morning when hopefully we will see the eclipse.


5.20pm All back at the centre full of what a fabulous day we have had. The sun has not stopped shining and is still basking us in its last rays. There are many very tired but happy children and we are just in the middle of the fun (?!) job of checking all of the kit back in - how some of the children have managed to end up with everyone's but their own is a mystery to me!!!

Nearly there and then it is snack and dinner - homemade burgers in baps, broccoli bake or fish fingers. The fresh air and plentiful exercise will mean that we will all eat well and sleep well tonight.


2pm Nestled high up in the mountains we broke for lunch looking down into a rolling U shaped valley and a hidden mountain lake, bathed in glorious sunshine. It was exquisite.


10.45am Group 2 (all the other groups are also in the mountains but separately) are currently on top of Carnedd Llewelyn, just North of Betws-y-Coed, bathed in glorious sunshine - in fact it's so warm we are all in T shirts. It is a beautiful day with clear blue skies and a stunning view over to Conwy Castle and Conwy Bay. The children are having an amazing time. WOW.


7.40am The first sounds were heard at 6.30am - not bad at all - and everyone has slept really well and is looking refreshed. Every child has now showered and the tables are being set for breakfast by the duty group. A bit of tidying of rooms was required and emptying out of wet clothes from plastic bags into the drying room, but otherwise the children are fairly organised! The mist is already lifting and the sun is poking through the clouds already - it is going to be another glorious day. Groups 1 and 2 are climbing Cwm Idwal and rock climbing and Groups 3 and 4 are canoeing and doing bushcraft on a mountain lake - what an exciting day! As we are off site all day, it depends on the phone reception as to when the next message will be - will endeavour to send one at lunchtime but if not we will  be back at about 5pm. Off we go!!!!


Thursday 19th


9.20pm All in bed and it is quiet! We finished the day with a quiet reflection of the week so far and there were lots of proud moments & accomplishments shared. Evening activities went well and the last few remaining non-showering children have now showered! Tomorrow is promising good things and more sunshine.... finally, a little tale that made me really giggle. One of the girls really seemed to have sweet dreams last night, as she was heard talking in her sleep about 'chocolate trees, strawberry milkshake and teddy bear mountains'.




Everyone has had an amazing time and guess what..... they got wet, very wet.... and loved it! Dinner in a mo. Veggie Lasagne, Roast Chicken or Beef Stew. Yummy!!


4.00pm What a gorgeous day - the sun is still shining brightly and the children are still busy with their different activities. The gorge walk was 'awesome' even though the water was fffffreezing, and so far the staff have also taken the plunge and been down the 'slide' at the end. (Mrs Hine unfortunately was unable to as chief photographer - a very important job!!)

As I e-mail there are children swinging through the air outside the window and lots of screams of delight to be heard in amongst the bird song! The groups who are off site have not yet returned and I will update the 'blog' when they do - I have no doubt the canoeing and bushcraft, on and by a lake in the mountains, will have been both beautiful and totally 'cool'. In theory they will return dry (as by definition they are on top of the water in a boat) but somehow I suspect this will not be the case - what is the attraction of freezing cold water and getting as wet as possible when you are 9, 10 or 11? They should be back by 5pm and so I am off to get the snacks out ready for their return. More eating to be done!!!


1.00pm Everyone is having a fabulous time in this beautiful weather - just right for our water based activities!


11.00am It is an amazingly warm and sunny day.


7.20am The earliest risers were at 6.30am this morning but everyone has slept well and had a good night. Rooms are being sorted and some socialising before breakfast at 8am. A slight mist over the mountains at the moment, but we have a forecast of bright sunshine all day which will be lovely as we have Canoeing and Bushcraft and Gorge Walking and Climbing and Abseiling today so there is plenty of opportunity for wetness!

There is much excitement amongst the children for the challenges that will meet them today and they are really enjoying spending so much time with their friends.


Wednesday 18th


9.30pm The end of an eventful and fabulous day. It was bedtime and lights out at 9pm and there were a lot of very tired and very sleepy children (and staff) following the exertions of the day.

The evening activities were very much enjoyed by everyone and the children are really looking forward to another action packed, hectic day tomorrow. There will be lots of jobs first thing and breakfast at 8am. We will update you in the morning.


5.50pm What an incredible day. Everyone is back safe and sound and they have all had an amazing time. The mountaineers said the day was really, really good with astonishing views.

The diaries have been done, a room inspection gained some very high scores and the tuck shop has done a roaring trade with some truly 'wonderful' souvenirs. The cleaning team are currently finishing off cleaning the minibuses and we are all then going in for dinner at 6pm after which the evening activities commence. It is go, go, go and all the children are having a fantastic time.

It is a gorgeous Spring evening with clear blue skies and sunshine and everyone is very excited about what the evening holds.

Back in time for bed around 9pm.


12.45pm Phew, what an adventure... Group 2 have just got back from Gorge Walking and are emptying their wellies and drying their waterproofs as I write. It has been SO exciting and surpassed everyone's expectations. Lunch is next. Group 1 have been doing the BLT challenge which includes climbing and abseiling. This afternoon they swop challenges. Groups 3 and 4 are still out rock climbing in the mountains and won't be back until around 4.30pm. Then there will be a bit of free time for everyone, sorting all kit and rooms out and doing our booklets before dinner which includes tuna pasta bake, lasagne and Mediterranean vegetables. We have got a cloudy day but the sun is threatening to break through, it isn't very cold and, apart from the Gorge walkers, it is dry!

A great time is being had by all and there is a huge amount of excitement at every turn.


7.00am Good morning everyone. We had a brilliant first night here. Lights went out at 9.30pm and all was quiet by 10pm. The children are all up and about and the first I heard was at 6am - so not too bad! They are busy preparing Breakfast at 8am with cereals and a cooked breakfast will set them up well for this morning's activities - either the climbing and abseiling wall on site, Gorge walking and climbing up Cwm Idwal mountain and rock climbing for 2 groups.  Before that though they have jobs to do - tidying their rooms and then the other duties include checking the weather forecast and being weather presenters to the rest of the group and setting up the breakfast tables. Some are already sorted and in the common room playing pool or table football and it is only 7am! It promises to be a great day!


Tuesday 17th March


10.00pm All quiet at the end of our first day. Lights went out at 9.30pm and the children are snuggled down and asleep. Lots of tired eyes following huge excitement. The children have eaten well and worked superbly in teams during their evening activities. Already lots of children are impressing us with their fantastic attitudes. Breakfast at 8am tomorrow.


7.00 We are having a fire drill and then the evening activities start with Low ropes, The Wall, Juggernaut and the Night Line! We will be back in for bedtime at 9pm.


6.00 What a fabulous walk we had and had an amazing view of Conwy Castle. Dinner was at 6pm and there was pizza, sausages, jacket potatoes, salad, Banoffee pie and apple pie. Appetites were good.


4.20 All kitted out and fully equipped. Rooms all spick and span. All have donned waterproofs and hiking boots and are now off for a ramble around the grounds and up into the forest.


1.35 We have arrived safe and sound after a great journey. Rooms will be allocated, everything put away neat and tidy and then a tour of Marle Hall and a briefing.


12.10 With everyone now refreshed and more 'comfortable' we are back on the road - next stop Marle Hall. All the groups and sleeping quarters have been given out and everyone is very happy.


11.30 An earlier than planned 'comfort' break and lunch at Sandbach in the sun.


9.30 And we're off. Next stop Knutsford!


Monday 16th


We are delighted to confirm that Mr. Hann is able to join us and we are all looking forward to a prompt 0930 departure tomorrow morning to a Sunny Llandudno!




It has finally arrived – the final weekend to check your kit list and get packed ready for our fabulous week away in Marle Hall in Wales. There have been lots of excited children in school and we look forward to seeing you on Monday morning. Parents are welcome to stay and wave us off at 9.30 a.m.

Please bring any medication to the classroom to Mrs. Briscoe or Mrs. Harris and make sure your child has had their travel tablets in plenty of time if applicable (and send some for the return journey!). As there has been some sickness going round the school, I must inform you that, if anyone has a tummy upset over the weekend, the 48 hour rule would still apply, but that arrangements could be made to join us in Marle Hall after that period had passed.

Updates will be here in Latest News and will run, as in previous years, with regular updates of activities from throughout each day during the week. We will also be using the text messaging service (a Marle Hall group has been set up) to keep you informed of our progress on the journey home.