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January Maths Challenge

Lower Key Stage 2

Arrange the numbers 1-5 in the V below so that the totals of the 2 sides are the same. Can you do it in 2 more ways? What do you notice?


Upper Key Stage 2

The pages of Jack’s book are numbered from 1.

The page numbers have a total of 555 digits. (eg. pages 98, 99 and 100 have a total of 7 digits)

How many pages has the book got altogether?

How many of the digits are a 5?


Key Stage 1

You are playing snakes and ladders and are on square 9. You roll a 1-6 dice twice and end up on square 16. Which 2 numbers did you throw on your dice? There are 4 different ways of doing – can you find them all?