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Healthy Eating Tuck Shop

Opening Monday 27th. The stock has been bought, the sign is being made and Year 6 are raring to go at the start of their ‘enterprise’. The price list is shown below. In line with new food regulations all allergens will be listed by the product and I have also listed them below so that you can guide your child in their selection. There are no nuts in line with our school ‘no nut’ policy.


Quaker Oat so Simple bars 30p (oats, wheat, milk)

Fruit Nuggets 20p

Nutrigrain bars 25p – (wheat, oat, barley, milk)

Sunmaid Raisins 25p

Yogurt Fruit Flakes 30p (milk, wheat)

Fresh Fruit

Mandarin 25p

Banana 20p


Babybel Cheese 25p (Pasteurised Milk)