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Football Match Reports

Our boys and girls have recently competed in their first Football Tournaments of the Year. Their match reports can be found below.

 Girls Football Tournament, Tuesday 5th November.
On Tuesday the 5th of November, nine girls from year 5 and 6 took part in a football tournament at Newburgh Primary School. We all played 3 matches each. There were 4 matches altogether against 5 other teams and it was a tough competition as some of the other teams players were almost real football players! We all had to work hard: Lily, Jess, Eve and Ellie were a great midfielding and striking team whilst Lydia, Emily and Leah defended hard with Rebecca in goal saving us so many times and then shouting at us to get it right! We all had a great time and thanks to our hard work we came 2nd!

 Boys’ Football Tournament, Bishops Itchington, 22.10.13
On Tuesday 22nd October our boys football team (Harry, George, Charlie, Adam, Lewis, Jyan, Billy, William and Aiden) went to Bishops Itchington Primary school to play in a tournament. There were 5 other schools and it was a tough competition because most of the other teams were proper Saturday league and we just said “yes” when we were asked! Everyone in our team made a special effort: Harry was great at directing everyone; George deflected loads of balls away from our goal; Billy was awesome at intercepting; Aiden going straight for the enemy; Adam scoring our precious goals; Lewis being brave enough to intercept enormous year 6 players; Charlie helping set up all the goals and William defending with every last bit of strength. Although we came second last, we did our very best and came away very proud of the teamwork and good times we had.