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Double Booked - Booking Now

Saturday 22nd March 7pm for show and dinner.
Ruth Rich has hit the menopause.  Colin Firth has disappeared from her dreams and eldest child, Laura (21) is away at uni.  Time to settle down and join a Book Club?   Well, that`s what she thought.  But as Ruth enters the "sandwich" years and worries over her mildly demented mother, her son Freddie`s (15) detention, and daughter Ellie`s (17) driving and drinking, she discovers it is not easy to please everyone - particularly not the cosmetically enhanced but demanding and vacuous Timmy`s Mum.  So, does a little white lie get her out of trouble?  Er, no.  Not when everyone around her is being sparing with the truth too ....

This is another witty and entertaining show in the style of "Ten Days .. that shook the kitchen!" and "Family Matters" describing a middle aged mum`s efforts to keep everything running smoothly as chaos unfolds.
Tickets: Helen Wilce - 07789 655617 / Julie Mason - 07540 133132 or school office .