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BREAKING NEWS Visitor to The Dassett

Our reporter, who was on the scene first thing this morning, has told us that a very large construction has appeared overnight at the top of the steps by the school entrance.
It has been positioned in one of the large seated planters and clearly resembles a nest. Furthermore there are three large egg like objects in the nest which we can only assume are, well, eggs!
Of most concern is the size. Anything, and at this stage we can only assume it to be a THING, that could lay an egg of that size must be very, very large indeed - keep your eyes open.
But why us? Why there and why now? What laid these eggs? Are they eggs? At this stage we have more questions than answers.
More as we get it...........................


As pictures taken at the scene reveal there are cracks, that's cracks appearing in at least two of what are rapidly becoming known as 'eggs'. Caution is advised to anyone approaching the school. Mrs Hine is cordoning off the area and we are asking anyone with more information to let us know exactly what they think is happening.
Interviews with Mr Maries, Mrs Parkes and Abacus staff, all of whom were on site early this morning, have revealed nothing. How? When? Why? What? Where from? Can anyone throw light on this frightening set of events.
Be careful out there.

Luckily the children became investigators and reporters, story tellers and designers as they used their literary skills to decide what the creature could have been, what it must be like and what would be in the eggs.

Our PCSO, Matt Hodgetts, even popped in to do his own investigation and assure every class that we were all OK. Alas even he could not shed light on our mysterious visitor.
In the afternoon a couple of children from each class shared their piece of writing with the whole school in an assembly and imagination was certainly to the fore, the quality was truly excellent.

By Friday morning, to our amazement, all was gone. We are sure that whatever it was had hatched its eggs and departed with its offspring, issue, brood, litter, clutch? Still so many questions!