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A Huge Thank You

From September, Helen Wilce is stepping down as Chair of the Friends. She has been involved with the committee for 5.5 years - Chair for 3 years and vice chair for approximately 1.5 years and we would like to express our enormous gratitude for all that she and the

Friends have done for the children of the school.

The Friends have raised an enormous amount of money for the school over the last few years to put towards new products and services, as well as paying for trips, coaches, sport etc. and we all know that the children have benefitted hugely from the Friends support. They have resurrected the school disco, put on Ginny Davies comedy evenings and created film nights. All this, along with the Summer Fair and Plant Sale as well as the Christmas fair.

Helen is extremely proud of what has been achieved over these last few years but feel she needs to give my time to other things now.  

The continuation of the Friends is very much dependent now on new people coming in, and so we need to try and drum up some more support! If your children enjoy the events put on by the Friends, maybe you can consider sparing a few hours to either be on the committee or to help at the events.

A huge thank you from all of us to Helen for all of her tremendous work.