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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Teacher:                          Mrs Hanna


Teaching Assistant:         Mrs Brice



This Term:


This year will be very busy, there is a lot to do in preparation for secondary school: consolidation of learning from previous years and covering new content.

It is important that children have their PE kits in school on Wednesday and Friday. The year 6 children will not require pencil cases as any equipment they need will be provided. However, if children would like to bring in their own handwriting pen then that would be lovely.

Autumn: I hope everyone in year 6 has had a wonderful term. I know that the adults in year 6 have. It has been wonderful to see how all of the children have settled in and are consistently pushing themselves to achieve in all areas of the curriculum. Well done Year 6!
There are photographs on the pictures section of this class page, which gives you an idea of some of the things we have enjoyed. This has included a wide variety of activities, such as:
making model lungs, a heart dissection, making model arteries, model of blood, cooking Anglo-Saxon food, ginger bread houses, reciting poetry, hot-seating as Ben Gunn, making model Anglo-Saxon houses, food tasting, writing treasure contracts and creating our own mythical creatures.

Spring: This term our Topic is going to Rainforest, linked with our science topic of evolution and inheritance.
We are going to be focusing on geography this term, paying particular attention to climate, weather and features of landscapes. We will also be exploring human impact on environments, looking at deforestation, mining and farming, especially the changes this makes locally and globally. In music we will be looking at protest songs, how music can be used a medium for people to express their thoughts and feelings. This will be linked to our Literacy work on poetry, persuasive writing and debate. In art we will be looking at the forms of expression used by people native to rainforests and how this expression has changed over time.

In science we will be looking at inheritance and adaptation linked to animals found in the rainforest. We will also be looking at human evolution, and evaluating this theory against creation stories. In maths we will continuing our work on number but also starting to bring in work on shape, measure and coordinates. We will continue to use lots of physical resources to develop the children's reasoning skills.

I am really looking forward to the spring term, I hope the children are too!

Summer: This term is going to be very busy as we prepare for the SATs and then start our transition work ready for secondary school.

We are kicking off the new term by getting straight into revision for the SATs. Over the Spring Term year six worked exceptionally hard which meant we had covered the whole curriculum before the Easter holidays. Having spoken to the class they have come up with the areas of revision they would like to cover. It is lovely to see how engaged they are in their own learning.

In maths we are revisiting long division, fractions and enlargement of shape. In literacy we are going to be recovering subjunctive mood, clause names and passive voice.


Of course, we are still completing our science curriculum, and we have already designed our own experiments to see how different materials absorb or reflect light. We will also be looking at refraction, then later on in the term we will be doing a module on circuits.

In art we are studying the work of Lowry, experimenting with colour and mood. The children have drawn some fantastic Lowry inspired pieces.

In topic we will be continuing with our work on the Rainforest till after the SATs, then we will be looking at the 1900s (a decade a week), focusing on art and historical events.

Obviously this term we will also be preparing for the year 5/6 production. We had great fun auditioning for the parts! Year 6 did exceptionally well.


Until the SATs there will be less homework due to the level of work during the week. Homework will be set when I feel the children need extra practice at a particular area as a class. Once the SATs are over homework will be more topic based, such as research projects that may be completed over 2 weeks.


As always. if you have any queries please come to see me, or feel free to come and have a look at your children's work in the year 6 classroom and the corridors.


Keep an eye on the photos section as more photos of ratio pizza, ice cream making, STEM activities and dance will be up soon!


Well done so far year 6!


Please keep an eye on this page as we will be adding photos of all the exciting things we get up to very soon.


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If you need to contact Mrs Hanna please either pop into school or e-mail on 


Year 6, The Teachers as they see themselves and as the children see them!

Caricatures featured are drawn by the winners of a class competition.

The Year Six Classroom

The Year Six Classroom  1 Rainforest reading area
The Year Six Classroom  2 Rainforest display
The Year Six Classroom  3 Maths working wall
The Year Six Classroom  4 Evolution
The Year Six Classroom  5 Worship Area
The Year Six Classroom  6 Literacy board
The Year Six Classroom  7 Connectives map

Our Prefects:


Reception: Elsie, Mila and Mikey

Year 1: Louis and Phoebe

Year 2: Oscar D and Lauren

Year 3: Molly and Dexter

Year 4: Lexi and Arlo

Year 5: Oscar F and Gracie


Music: Harriet

Lunchboxes: Holly and Louise

ICT Monitors: Erin and Charlie U