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Our School Day

Time                            Activity


8.45am                        School Opens (Morning Activities)


8.55am                        Registration


9.10am                        Collective Worship


9.30am                        Lesson Time (Maths or Literacy)


10.40-10.55am          Key Stage 2 Playtime 

11-11.15am                Key Stage 1 Playtime


10.55am-12pm          Key Stage 2 Lesson Time (Maths or Literacy)     12pm-12.15pm Class Shared Reading

11.15am-12.15pm    Key Stage 1 Lesson Time (Maths or Literacy)


12.15-1.15pm            Lunch


1.15pm                        Lesson Time


2.15pm                        Lesson Time


2.35-2.50pm               KS1 Playtime


2.50pm                        KS1 Class Shared Reading


3.15pm                        End of the Day