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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Teacher                          Mr Callum McMahon   Year 6, Maths and PE Subject leader

Teaching Assistant        Mrs Nicky Brice

All about Year 6...

This autumn term is jam packed full of fun and challenging learning! Our topics will be the Vikings and after half term, the Mayans! Studying the Vikings we will be learning about their warriors, raids, lifestyle, beliefs and even designing and building model longboats! In the Mayan topic we will discover all about this ancient lost civilisation, investigating their lives, buildings, religion, maths and even building model temples! In Science our units are human physiology (how our bodies work) and after half term, classification and habitats (animals and their homes).
Year 6, the Teachers as they see themselves and as the children see them!
Caricatures featured were drawn by the winners of a class competition.


Picture 1 Mr Callum McMahon
Picture 2 Mrs N Brice
Picture 3 Mrs Brice by Lydia


Us 1

Our Responsibilities

Our Responsibilities 1 Year 6 Assembly Monitors Sam & Isabella
Our Responsibilities 2 Year 6 Lunchbox Monitors Iowen & Annabel
Our Responsibilities 3 Reception's Prefects William & Olivia
Our Responsibilities 4 Year 1's Prefects Caitlin & Jamie
Our Responsibilities 5 Year 2's Prefects Lewis & Tiffany
Our Responsibilities 6 Year 3's Prefects Aiden & Aimee
Our Responsibilities 7 Year 4's Prefects Lydia & Sophia
Our Responsibilities 8 Year 5's Prefects Ellie & Billy
Our Responsibilities 9 Year 6 Eco Committee Caitlin & Jamie
Our Responsibilities 10 Year 6 School Council Ben & Sophia
Our Responsibilities 11 Year 6 Worship Group Lily & Annabel