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Year 5


Teacher                          Ms Jane Marsh  Year 5 Humanities & PSHE Leader, School Council


Teaching Assistants      Mrs Nicola Brice


                                       Mrs Jacqueline Bennett SEN


                                       Miss Amy Cummings SEN


This Term:


The Summer term is always a lovely term in school. We look forward to warmer days and opportunities to spend more time outside. With this thought in mind we are looking forward with great anticipation to our residential trip to the Isle of Wight. This promises to be an action packed and exciting time for us all. A chance to grow in confidence and learn new skills.

Another exciting activity for this term will be our weekly swimming lessons which also offer great opportunities for personal growth and confidence building.

Later in this busy and exciting term we will be joining with Year Six to produce our show which, once again provides many exciting opportunities and allows our budding performers to shine.


Year 5, The Teachers as they see themselves and as the children see them!

Caricatures featured are drawn by the winners of a class competition.