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This week (9.11.12)

Written on the: 9.11.12                                Written by: Ellie Goldsmith + Katinka Frassoni





This week in maths we have been doing division with remainders. Some of us used the bus stop method and divided with hundreds and thousands.


Parents Evening

All the parents in year four came to see Miss Gasson about their child. We both went on Wednesday and got good reports! 



This week in science we were introduced to solids and liquids. So we had a tray of some solids and some liquids and in our groups we had to separate them in the solids and liquids. We did pretty well at this! JJJ



We finished reading the Ice Palace story this week. Miss Gasson made an ice palace in our classroom. We did some drama work in groups and did some fantastic writing.


That’s our week!