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This Week... (28.9.12)

Written on 28.9.12  by Ellie Goldsmith and Sam Tabeart



This week in literacy we did an information page about mountains. (We could do any mountain we liked). We are making an information book about mountains for yr3.



In maths we found new ways of adding. For example:


+ 7548


      1 1

So that’s what we learnt in maths.



In science we are working on keeping warm. This week we did an experiment on water warming up and cooling down.

1. We got a cup of cool, hot and ice cold water.

2. Then measured them with a thermometer.

3. We waited an hour and then measured it again.

4. The next day we measured it again.


Guided Reading

We’re in red group for guided reading. This week on  we did an advertisement for our own made up remote control car. We also went on the computers and looked on News round.  Today (Friday) we wrote this!

Our week by Amie Goldsmith




This week on Friday we dressed up as a character from Roald Dahl. We had all kinds of children and adults from Roald Dahl books. In maths we learnt new methods for adding big numbers. In literacy all week we worked on an information sheet about different mountains they look great! In science we have been experimenting on the change of temperatures. We estimated a degree and then we took the reading. In ICT we have been searching for information and photos of our mountains, for our information sheet.