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This week (19.10.12)

 Written on 19.10.10


This week we have been really busy practising our assembly! Today we did our assembly! Even though we have been practising we have still been doing other activities like:



In maths we have been doing lots of multiplication challenges on the big whiteboard! We have had loads of fun!



In literacy we have done some freeze frames! We did the freeze frames of the ice palace! (The Ice Palace is the book we are reading in class.)


More About Our Assembly:

As you know in the introduction our assembly was today. It was all about mountains. So I came in my ski clothes!

We really loved our assembly and Miss Gasson gave us a 9½ out of 10.


Thank you for reading this review of our week!


Written on Friday 19th October

Our Week By Jyan Yr4

This week we have been very busy practising our assembly. On Friday we did our assembly on mountains. We have been doing other activities as well though!:



In Maths we have been doing X Tables. Every so often our name has been called and we go up to the big whiteboard and did the times table racing on the times table we needed to do.



In Literacy we did Freeze frames for The Ice Palace (The book we are reading as a class book).