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Spring Term Home Learning Tasks

Year 1 and 2 Home Learning Activities – Land, Sea and Air.




Listed below are a range of activities for you to complete by Monday 11th March when you should bring in a presentation piece, displaying all of your work attractively. You will then share this final piece with the class and give a short verbal presentation about what you did and how you completed the tasks. We are happy to supply any paper that is required.


The items listed in the compulsory section MUST be completed.

You must then also complete at least 1 task of your choice from the optional list. There is a total of five pieces over a period of nine weeks to allow you to complete the tasks to a high standard.


As you complete a task you will need to keep it carefully at home but tick off that task on the sheet provided in homework books.


These activities are in addition to your weekly maths, spelling and reading tasks.


We really look forward to seeing the amazing results of your home learning and hope you enjoy completing it!




Optional (Choose at least 1)


Write a Space Adventure story.


Design and make a paper aeroplane that can fly 5 metres or more. Write instructions about how you made it and what happened.

Write at least 5 facts about the Wright Brothers first air flight.


Make a fact sheet about different types of land transport.


Find out about an animal that flies and write a poem about its life.



Visit a transport museum and write a short report.


Take a picture of an aeroplane and make up a caption for it.


Draw a design of your own aeroplane.