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Our School Aims

All staff and volunteers working in our school share a responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of the children with whom they come into contact


  • To encourage, enthuse and ensure the progress of all pupils so they meet our ambitious expectations.
  • To maximise the potential of every child, socially, academically, creatively and culturally within a friendly and nurturing environment.
  • To encourage parents, carers and families, and members of the community to be active partners in children’s’ learning.
  • To ensure that everyone feels valued, respected and supported so that they understand their responsibility for themselves and to others.
  • To foster cultural and global awareness and understanding so that we grow to be caring and considerate members of a local, national and global community.

We do all of this within the arms of our Church, our Christian Distinctiveness and as part of the family of God. –September 2020