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                     School Aims – 2019-2020

    The Dassett C of E Primary School aims:


  • To provide a warm, friendly and nurturing environment in which all can flourish.


  • To provide a secure, safe and yet challenging learning environment that meets the needs of all children; in which teachers and adults encourage, enthuse and ensure the progress of their pupils.


  • To maximise the potential of every child, socially, academically, creatively and culturally.


  • To encourage parents, carers and families, and members of the community to be active partners in their child’s learning.


  • To encourage all pupils to care for each other and to support each other to make the best progress.


  • To ensure that everyone feels valued, respected and supported so that they can do their best and help others to so the same


  • To prepare each child for future education and life, developing confidence, independence and responsibility for themselves, their behaviour, expectations of others’ behaviours towards them and their own learning.


  • To foster cultural and global awareness and understanding so that our pupils grow to be caring and considerate members of a local, national and global community that cares for this planet that we are lucky enough to live on.



We do all of this within the arms of our Church, our Christian Distinctiveness and as part of the family of God.