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SATs Results KS2 - not current

All end of Key Stage SATs results will be updated in this section.


                                                     2019 SATs Results - Not Current


Key Stage 2 SATs - Not current


Nationally, all Year 6 children take part in Key Stage 2 Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs) during the Summer term.

Teachers are required to assess each child in the areas of reading, writing and maths in Year 6.

The Reading, Grammar Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) and Maths tests are sent away to be marked and the children are awarded a particular grade. Writing and Science are judged solely on Teacher Assessment.

A scaled score of 100 indicates that a child is working at the Expected Standard and 110 indicates Greater Depth.


Key Stage 2 Test Results 2019(25 Pupils)



Expected Standard or above

(National Average 2019)

Greater Depth

(National Average 2018)

Average Scaled Score

(National Average)

Average Points Progress *


82% (75%)

45% (28%)

106 (105)



76% (78%)





77% (76%)

59% (24%)

107 (104)



77% (78%)

36% (34%)

106 (106)


RWM Combined

68% (64%)

32% (10%)