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Our elegant Queen has come from the West, her clothes that she wears are obviously the best,
And save her fine hats and weapons have none,
she rode a stallion and she rode all alone,
so graceful in love and so helpful in war,
there never was a Queen like Elizabeth.
She stopped not for break and stopped not for stone,
she stayed out all day and smiled through it all.
She always comes to Buckingham Gate,
to most people's surprise she is never late,
For a laggard in argument and a hero in war,
was to wed Phillip of Queen Elizabeth. 
So gracefully she entered Windsor Hall,
among bridesmen, kinsmen brothers and all.
Then spoke the priest, his arms in the air,
for the rich crowd never said a word.
Oh come ye in love or come ye in not,
to wed Phillip means quite a lot.
I've loyally loved Phillip,
my love he took,
love flows like a river,
but is not easy like a book.
And now I have come with this true love of mine
to have one photo and one cup of wine
The Queen kissed the groom and away they flew
on a great honeymoon for two.
Now 90 in Windsor sitting on her throne
Next to...... I bet you know who!
Jamie (Year 5)


#CosmicClassroom 1

A #CosmicClassroom Competition


The things I saw today were out of this world. Michael

It was amazing with Tim Peake and the way he was floating. I want to be in space right now. Ellie

I love space. I hope you have a good time. Henry

Thank you Tim Peake. That was a once in a lifetime experience. I was very nervous when you did your first space walk and the first televised summersault was extraordinary. Fletcher

We spoke to Tim Peake and it was epic. How many stars are there in space? Maisy

When we went to the cosmic classroom I thought it was amazing!!! Because it is something I will never see again (probably)! Poppy

Hi Tim Peake. It was funny when you did all of your spins and the water trick with the fizzy tablet. Emily

Thank you Tim Peake, you were amazing! I loved the water bottle trick and when you touched your toes. Lucy

I think it was really cool the way water turns into a bubble and it floats in thin air, I felt amazed and wish I could go into space one day. Izzy

I saw Tim Peake and it was awesome. He is really brave and I hope he is safe and gets home safely. Kathryn

I just saw a live broadcast of Tim Peake and it was amazing. I was so excited to see him. Harry

I thought it was amazing and Tim Peake is the best. I loved the way you did the bubbles and fizzy tablet. Sam

I thought Tim Peake’s speech was out of this world. His experiments were awesome and it was funny when he had to wait for the message. Ellie May

It was amazing! Tim Peake gave demonstrations I couldn’t do in my wildest dreams like all the flips. Ryan

When I watched the broadcast I was amazed that we were here on earth looking live at a video from space. It was A M A Z I N G!!! I felt really lucky as it may not happen again.

It was funny when you did the tricks. I wish I did that. I thought you were going to fall!

Today we got an amazing treat. We got to see Tim Peake live in the ISS. I was amazed. Bella

Wow, what an experience! Tim Peake is a massive hero. His tricks should go viral – they’re amazing! We are so lucky to have seen the Cosmic Classroom. Kezia

We just had the most amazing experience. In the hall we got to join in the cosmic classroom where we saw Tim Peake live on the internet where he did some amazing tricks for us. It was the experience of a lifetime. It sounds epic up in space!!! Becky

I really liked how he made the water into a ball and drank it. I also liked the way he disappeared and played ping pong with the water. Also the way he did the trick with the microphone and all the buttons. Daniel

Today we had an amazing assembly about Tim Peake and he did a great trick with water and a fizzy tablet and a bubble that got even bigger. Ophelia

Our Class Assembly was a riot of information on the Rainforest.

We had poems, PowerPoints, music, dance and rap, literacy, geography and maths, a quiz, art and craft, much laughter and a play - Amazingly we managed to cram it all into an hour!

And we loved it.

Wild Science brought in some fantastic animals that you could find in the Rainforest! We met (and held) snakes, frogs, millipedes and saw scorpions and it was great.