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St Peter & St Clare serves the parish of Avon Dassett with Fenny Compton, which is part of the Dassett Magna Group of Parishes. As well as the regular Church services, as well as the school services that we regularly hold, please see below for details of the popular and fun Messy Church and other child focused weekend services.


We are delighted to have Rev'd Nicki Chatterton as our Vicar and regular visitor to The Dassett. 


She writes:

For parishes where there are Church schools it can be said that the parish has two physical spiritual centres – the church and the Church school. As a Church of England school The Dassett Primary School takes its distinctive Christian ethos very seriously indeed and this ethos is at the root of its work in educating and nurturing our children and preparing them for the future.


Together the church and the school seek to have a positive influence on the local area, and we have shared values of welcoming and respecting every member of our community as a child of God. The church and the School have a very close working relationship and that is something that the church is very keen to ensure continues well into the future. We feel it’s important to offer a fun, relaxed, and engaging experience of Church and Faith to the children of The Dassett.


As Vicar for the Dassett Magna Group of churches, I am involved in the life of the school in a variety of ways. I offer chaplaincy support to staff, children and families during difficult times, and in my capacity as vicar I am a Governor. The church also provides another Foundation Governor, Mrs Jo Hotchkiss who is our Safeguarding governor.


Rev'd Nicki Chatterton
Tel. 07769871237


For full service details go to




9.30am Monday to Friday MORNING PRAYER

6pm Monday to Friday EVENING PRAYER


To access the ZOOM services go to Meeting ID: 823 6775 9953 Passcode: 313741



FULL INFORMATION about the church can be found on our website

Sunday Services at Church in The Dassett Magna Group



We expect to find God in Church and in our private prayer but have you ever wondered where he is the rest of the time? Well, if we open our eyes we can see him on the faces of the people we meet and in everything around us. We don’t need a special building, a special day or a special time to worship or meet with God. We don’t come into the presence of God when we enter a church building and we don’t leave his presence when the service is over. God is everywhere, all the time and we can Meet with God Every Day. I find God in places of worship, on a mountainside, in the faces and actions of other people and even when I'm doing the washing up!